help finding a good case and SD card

    i`ve bought this camera Panasonic digital camera - red FS62

    but i want a nice camera case and a big memory card but not quite sure what i`m looking for and was wanting some help to try and get the best value for money i can to look after this camera,

    i know that camera can take SDHC cards so i might need a new card reader as well but that can be done another day

    will be greatful of any help you give many Thanks


    I have the fs5 at 94.9 x 53.4 x 22.5 mm which is slighly shorter than fs62 (97 x 55 x 22 mm)
    the samsonite df10 case should fit, but it will be form fittingly close-…mp=

    They will give you enough room for an extra battery/ card storage horizontally
    it looks like it could easily accommodate an extra 2mm of camera on the top
    plenty of storage for a spare battery, mem card and optical cloth

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    thats a good price i was looking at cases like £20 + so that price is super

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    anyone else
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