Help finding a loan for a student...

    Me and my fiancee are both currently in college studying, and both our courses require computer work a lot. So were thinking of getting a loan for a decent pc (around 500-600 quid) but as neither of us work (shes on income support and EMA and im on ALG) its hard finding places to give loans or credit...

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated (and repped)




    I get EMA only £10.00 a week

    Sorry I cant help with this I suggest buying from a company like Dell (look around) and check what there finance option is

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    anyone else help?

    Apparently you can start your studen loan once you're in college.


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    i dont think that applies as this college is further education and not higher

    higher is university etc

    get ema too
    try a loan from family cheaper interest lol sorry prob no help

    I'm not sure if they pay out on this sort of thing but there used be something called Social Fund used to be a red form,phone up your local benefits office. I'm going back a few years now,I had it once back in '99 for a months rent in advance ( £330 it was ) when we moving to another private landlord flat. You have to be claiming certain benefits like JSA or Income Support etc but I don't know if they give you a grant for something like a computer even tho it would help in the long term.
    Then you pay back at so much a week,you only pay back what you received no interest.I will try and find you a link so you can check if you could apply if you on the applicable benefits as I don't know too much about it now.…tml

    Actually its on job centre site,when I applied for it I called up benefits office on the free phone in the library but as I said going back almost a decade now.

    Says it pays for

    expenses associated with looking for or starting work

    well in a way the college course you doing is helping you get your way to work,but don't know if they see it that way!

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    Thanks but weve tried that already with no luck

    Dell declined, even though payments for the PC we chose would have been less than 3 pound a week

    Perhaps try a home shopping catalogue,you will pay more than they cost in the shops or like what deals you get posted up on here but if you really feel you benefit then might be a good idea. Make sure you get it on interest free,cos the % you pay back on top usually high.

    P.C World and other P.C shops do credit so maybe try another store.
    Good luck finding what you need,ain't easy being a student money wise.

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    what about somewhere where i can setup a savings account until i have like 500 quid and buy something? like pay bits off weekly
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