help finding a old recording of radio 1 dance anthems - mauro picotto in sheffield don valley

Found 10th Aug 2008
I have a feeling that this thread will get deleted but i have to try!
For years now i have been looking for a download or a recording of dave anthems from 18/8/2002. It was a free party by radio 1 with Dave pearce, mauro picotto and fergie
online details are here…818

I went with a mate and it was fairly good!

I have been looking on and offline for a recording for the last year or 2 tto no avail! - radio 1 cannot help me so i was hopin someone has a recording or knows a good online source!

Please help - K
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Thought I might have, but don't, sorry...

Have you tried requesting from this site:

Note to Mods: Although this is a Torrent Site, it is not for illegal torrents (unless we get really pedantic and pull the 'not allowed to record from radio' trick).
thanks for the help

i hope i can find it - it was a good night out i enjoyed - the first time i saw picotto - and its the maddest set ever - it sounded like listening to a lawnmower!
Hi there, this is REALLY late a reply I know, but i've got a recording of some of it.

I was lucky enough to win the Radio One competition to play the warm-up set earlier in the day, and I had it recorded from the radio as a bit of nostalgia.

The quality is OK, but will certainly fill the gap I reckon - hopefully you will get this reply.


Send him a PM, he hasn't logged in for 3 years
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