Help finding a pool water heater please

    Ive just bought a 10ft swimming pool for out in garden, It does come with filter and pump and cost me £28 delivered so dont knowif i got a good deal or not!?
    Im now looking for a water heater to keep the water warm, Now i can get one off the same seller for £30 without p +p but could save some postage costs OR should i find one seperate? Our they worth the money ? Seems a silly question but how long do you have to keep the heater on for? I have a toddler and a older child so dont want to throw the toddler in freezing water and put him off going in!

    Can anyone find me one cheaper and maybe a pool cover ??


    I would not bother if I was you.

    I bought a 5kw one last year and had it running for 2 weeks solid trying to make the pool warm, it barely made any difference... except to my electric bill!

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    OK Thanks this is what i was worried about and its a 3kw fro £40 i would rather just run more ot water into it. Is there a cover that attracts the heat maybe ??


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    Anyone else bought one? know where i can get one cheapest price?

    you could get a solar cover - from most pool accessories stores or ebay etc
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