Help finding a UK Courier - 10.12 Kg

    I want to sell something on an auction site, and boxed up - it has the following dimensions and weight...

    Weight: 10.12 Kg
    Length: 109 cm
    Width: 63 cm
    Height: 29.5 cm

    The weight being over 10kgs seems to make this very expensive to ship.
    It also works out at approx 7.15 cubic feet, and a lot of couriers get expensive once you go over 5 or 6 cubic feet.

    I used to use, but they want 19.99 + Vat to ship this item..

    Can someone recommend a UK courier at a reasonable price?



    I had that same problem with parcel2go for large items now, BUT some one on here suggested
    parcel monkey and they were brilliant. cost me £10.50 and my parcel was around 17kg.
    Hope this helps


    Parcel Monkey do not insure you unless the item you are selling is brand new.

    i.e. If the item gets damaged in transit they will probably not pay out unless you can issue an invoice or something.

    At least that is the impression I got from their website so I emailed them and they replied stating it is difficult to put a true value on second hand goods so they do not insure second hand goods.

    So I stayed well clear from them!!

    Payperparcel are £13.59 + vat using economy 1-3 day. I think it is £100 insurance but it all depends on what you are shipping as some companies are fussy on what they insure.

    No they are not, they are cheaper, I used a SW1 postcode just to get a quote and there is a surcharge for London. Try them at…spx and click on qucik quote, see what price you get then check the insurance cover etc.

    you could try these - interparcel…r-c

    From memory though I paid a similar price for a similar package using interparcel

    interparcel are good, they uote you for seveal companies when youve put in the dimensions and destination

    My brother uses as well as parcel2go, depending on who is cheapest at the time.


    lol hermes is the worst delivery company ever.

    1. most of my orders end up lost
    2. orders i do receive i have to end up fishin out of the bin!

    Original Poster

    I went with ParcelMonkey in the end.
    Was a bit worried about the collection (bloke in an unmarked van).
    However - it got succesfully delivered next day, so am very pleased and would use them again.
    Worked out at £8.51 with the possibility of £1 cashback, so am very pleased.

    thanks everyone.
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