Help finding an image on the net...

Looking for a decent picture of this pattern...…jpg

The pattern being the 3 sets of ripples/rings

Can anyone find a picture of the full circle of ripples?

Everyone I have seen, has usually up to half of it with an image overlayed on it! :-(

I need to find a "full" picture of it to use as a stencil, so I can print it off on some a4 and still look reasonable. It's only for tracing purposes so doesn't have to be HD quality :giggle:

Rep AND 5 stars to anyone who can find this image, or make one up out of bits of images :w00t:

3... 2... 1... GO


actually have this one. its bigger :thumbsup:

Original Poster

OMG how the hell did you find that :-( I been looking on and off for a few weeks

Thanks peteivy! Rep and 5 stars your way

EDIT: Cant give rep for 24 hours, I'll see you right tomorrow

Cheers PP :thumbsup:

Any images you want, just use google. Just do a normal search, and click images ;-)

That was quick!

Came to help but looks like you dont need it!

Original Poster

yep I googled, what was your keyword? :P

Thanks Beeching! You can have some rep too when I can dish some more out

"xbox 360 logo"



"xbox 360 logo"]Here


Don't search for "Xbox 360 nipple circle" though......


Darn, I got here too late
I'll get my coat
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