Help finding best tv cables

    I have just bought a new TV and havent got a clue about what cables are best. I need a couple of scart cables and a HDMI - I dont want to pay the earth but want something decent to give the best possible picture...

    Set up is -

    DMR-Ex75 Panasonic DVD Recorder (Hdmi)
    Sky + box - Pace
    Panasonic TX_37LZD70 TV

    Help is appreciated...

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    dont know your budget so a few options on the scart (change the **** to well known auction site!)

    ok well if you want to spend £10 on a pair of ixos then get these (i did for a mate on a th50px70)


    if u want to spend £24 on a pair get these


    if you want more and £50 a pair then get these…8-1

    always buy 1.5m, 0.75m can be too short if you change your layout in the future!

    Didnt u get a hdmi cable with the dvd recorder?
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