help finding cheap graphics card

    hi, i am looking to upgrade my pc, and to play (not nessacrly the latest games) but to play some decent games, like rome total war, sims, gta IV ((if possible on my budget) i need a new graphics card. have a very small budget, (bout £30-ish max but even that is stretching it =( ) i know its a long shot but anyone can help would be apprecited =)

    i have been looking at this and it seems pretty good…OLE


    £30 doesn't go far when gaming is concerned. Have a look about for a Nvidia 8600GT. Yes it's a couple of years old now but still not bad at this price level.

    I have a 512mb pci-ex Sapphire X1950 Pro, you can have for £30 inc P&P, exc condition..?


    Can get a 8600GT new delivered from Aria for £26.

    Only 256mb though...???? Up to the Op anyways :thumbsup:

    wow wee ur clever...!!!!!!
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