Help finding flights to Las Vegas from Manchester April 2017 please!

    Hi all

    The wife and I are going to Vegas for a music festival next April but we need to find some flights for as cheap as possible flying direct, preferably from Manchester.

    We need to definatelty be in Vegas from 13th April to 19th April for the festival but can fly any dates either side of this. We would like to stay between 10-12 nights but could stretch to a fortnight if flights are cheaper, and we' have found there seems to be some half decent prices from Virgin going on the 9th returning the 20th.

    Money is fairly tight at the mo, we keep seeing flights for about £570 return but we would obviously like to pay less for flights so we have more to spend on the hotel so if anyone comes across and deals, discounts, even just cashback offers for flights in April then please let me know, I really want to try and get the flights for under £1000, well under if possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give us chaps!


    I've found its often cheaper to fly into another city and then connect form there. It's a major pain in the backside but if money is tight and you're not bothered about a couple of hours in another Airport. This could be ideal. I went to Vegas via Houston texts a few years back and it knocked around £300 off the flight price. Alternatively flying into LAX is cheaper than flying direct to Vegas. Take a look on Expedia at their flight plans, they often show ones where they stop somewhere first then connect to vegas

    Just try sky scanner or kayak. Unfortunately the pound being weak towards the dollar is not going to help you at all.

    Don't forget, there are alternate hotels in Las Vegas, to those on the Strip and usually cheaper too.
    Various hotel chains for example. There's no point wasting money on an expensive hotel room, if you're on a budget. Especially, if you're not spending a lot of time in it.

    I'd never flown on in-direct flights before until 3 years ago when I put our honeymoon package together and had to scrimp on the flights to allow us to afford the trip. We did Heathrow>Philly>Vegas and then Vegas>Charlotte>Aruba before coming back Aruba>Charlotte>Heathrow... All legs were with the same airline (US Airways) and it was really easy. I'd definitely do it again for the money we saved and the honeymoon we then afforded! If someone was to 'pay' you a few hundred quid to get off a plane a couple of times and extend you travel by a just a few hours would you do it??? I would!

    We did United Airlines via Washington from Manchester a couple of months ago. Much cheaper than direct flights. We stayed in the Holiday Inn Express which included breakfast. It is not on the strip but nearby and runs a shuttle every 30mins to the strip. We liked being able to get away from it all when we wanted. It worked well for us but, I accept, others may want to stay on the strip.
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