Help finding Ipods x3 Best Deal??

    Hiya All,

    I'm after 2 black 30gig Ipod Video's & possibly a Nano 2gig/shuffle 1gig
    I keep checking the refurb section of apple site but black ones never pop up....shame as the 2 x30gigs aren't gifts so they would be perfect.

    I gave them a call and the guy said they are very rare in there and he could knock 20 off each on the new ones as im buying 2.

    Does anyone have good ideas for best deal in could possibly be ebay actually.

    Help please,,in no rush but closer to crimbo these all sell out even at full price hey so worried that may happen.

    Any suggestions appreciated thanx



    10% off at boots with voucher?

    Instructions: Get 10% Off your order of £45 or more at by using discount code: BFTF77. This is valid from 1st-7 November (inclusive)!

    Not forgetting your 6.5% quidco + 12% Boots points (LAST DAY TODAY!!!), yielding 18.5% overall reduction on the original price. Here's what you'd pay:

    £170.10 including delivery.

    You'd get £22.68 worth of points back.
    You'd get £11.06 quidco back.

    Effective price is :


    But you gotta act today, since today is the last triple points day.

    Miss it, and you lose £15.02!

    Let us know how you get on...

    I got a 30 gb black video ipod off the apple refurb site about 4 weeks ago, it is excellent cost £129.00.

    Do you know anyone who works for the NHS and get them to go through NHS discount for you.

    Original Poster

    Hiya all,
    Thank you for your ideas....I didn't go into details in my original post ...long story but I actually live in Thailand at the mo. You wouldn't think so but often it is still lots cheaper to buy from UK and then my mum posts stuff on.(or friends bring it over when they come)

    Which means I could't benefit from the boots points deal really....or the quidco as they link back the Url as Thailand and don't pay out sometimes.

    Long story I know but wanted to say anyway

    They are very much RRP out here (although people are always telling me 'it must be cheaper' but it isnt really on these kinds of goods. Now cigerettes n alcohol thats a dif

    Nuker I think I will still watch the refurb site for a couple more weeks then make a decision as you say you managed to grab a black en lucky thing.

    Thanx again gunner keep an out & will post if I find owt so others can do it too xxxx
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