Help finding new sky + box

    Our box has died, not covered so i need a new sky+ box but sky don't sell replacement boxes and don't really want to try my luck on ebay.
    Does anyone know a company/shop that sells reconditioned/new boxes with a guarentee or know an engineer who wants to sell us a new one?
    Cheers guys


    jyust leave sky and join Virgin or try to say you are going to leave sky and see what they can do for you tell them that virgin do better deals i am just going to virgin from sky and they try to keep me by throwing some offers at me good luck

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    Its my folks account we are staying with them whilst we relocate so used our box and got multiroom but our box died 1 month after i cancelled my sky and insurance:roll:
    so just need a box but want to buy from reputable seller or very very cheap


    In these circumstances I'd be tempted to ring them and tell them you are leaving to join Virgin (or freesat) as you are not prepared to pay for a repair (and virgin repairs are free.)

    You wont get anywhere with them when you first call - but hopefully they will put you through to retentions. There is a high probability they will offer to give you a replacement box. You've got nothing to lose by trying anyway!

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    i did that to get the multi room half price for the year as we only need it for a few months so got no hope also they know we can't get virgin here and have no tv ariel due to listed building

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    you can buy new boxes … you can buy new boxes here,

    thanks but cant afford that

    I have an old sky plus box that I have not used for about 18 months, when I moved house I started a new subscription and got a new one, if you want we can sort something out, it is in perfect working order but is fairly old, it is from the early sky plus days so am not sure of the exact spec

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    Not bothered about age but to be honest but am not prepared to pay alot as this is the sort of thing you could buy as working and it brakes within a few months with no guarentees if you know what i mean ebay scammers etc. shame cex don't do them lol

    Thats fair enough, I don't want much for it, I was having a tidy up of my office the other day and came across it, I was going to bin it but kept it in the end, thinking someone will get some use from it! I got no idea what it will cost to post but my offer is there if you want, how much you thinking?

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    I am having a ring round some places tomorrow so will let you know if still need it then if thats ok?

    fine by me, I have just looked on ebay, if you don't want it I will put it on there, should have done it a year ago would have been worth far more than it is now!!

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    thanks everyone for your help called a friend who's hubby who does instalations and he is getting me one.

    Satbuyer or ]Satcure.

    I've gotten boxes from both and both come with 12 month warranty. It should be just a case of swapping round the connectors from your old box and ringing Sky to twin the card.
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