Help finding Playstation 2 to USB adapter

    I need a PS2 -> USB adapter for plugging my PS2 Guitar Hero guitar into my vista pc for playing Frets on Fire.

    I have had a good look around the net, and cant seem to find one in stock that works with vista - does anyone have any recommendations of where i can get one for under £10, preferably to be delivered before the weekend??

    Thanks in advance


    I have one that used to work like a charm with Windows XP but now with Vista does not work. :-(

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    is that a one?


    is that a one?

    No the one that I have got was one that would let you plug your PS2 controller into (XBOX, Gamecube and PC) it was brilliant I hated the original XBOX controllers and for the PC was brilliant.

    Tried for so long to get drivers for Vista and so on that gave up in the end and got a Wired XBOX 360 controller which works perfect with VISTA and most new games are already preconfigured for it.

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    Tim will sell you … Tim will sell you one

    Thanks, have asked him if the adapter works with vista! :thumbsup:
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