Help finding Ram for my laptop

Hi there,

I have a HP Pavilion zd7170ea laptop with 512mb(2x256) Ram and i am looking to upgrade to 1Gb, can anyone help me find a good deal on memory.



I've just upgraded my PC to 1Gb of Ram. It absolutely flies now.
Bought mine at crucial.com/uk/…TQQ
They even have a facility to scan your system so you know exactly what RAM to buy.
I found them to be the cheapest

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found this

512MB, 200-pin SODIMM, DDR PC2700 memory module CT326691

£25 quid a stick will this be the cheapest??

I'm pretty sure your laptop won't have 3 RAM slots. Best getting the 1GB version of that Then you have the option of going to 2GB other wise you will have to get 2 512MB sticks

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ok my laptop isnt dual channel according to crucial so would just need the one stick. However wont be looking to go any higher than 1gb so if 2x512 is cheaper option i would go for that.

What would recommend from here?


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found kingston ram for 14.99 so went for that, thanks for your help


found kingston ram for 14.99 so went for that, thanks for your help

Did you find it online. If so can you please provide the link...
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