Help Finding - Superdry Knitwear V Neck Jumper

    I was in Edinburgh on the weekend and saw a Superdry Knitwear Black V Neck Jumper. It was quite a thick material with a V shaped badge which was ornage and white (I think). It was £54.99 and I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Can anyone help me? Thank you


    pink-ka;7363866 got orange and white on the sleeve.

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    pink-ka;7363866 got orange and white on the sleeve.

    Thnaks but its not that one. Its got the V shaped badge on the left breast

    Dont suppose you saw this in a Bank shop? If you did i thinkn the brand you are looking for is Voi

    sounds more accurate

    in fact i think this may be what your looking for?


    Is it defo Superdry... My Son wears all there clothes. Also sold in cult shops. All his Jumpers have SD on the left chest though, not a v.

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    It is definently superdry it was right next to a coat I bought and had the superdry logo. It wasnt a V letter but a badge in the shape of a V.

    Thank you for all yur responses though

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    The badge on the jumper was a bit like the one on this bag…opM
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