Help finding the cheapest LG L246WP/L245WP Monitor :)

Hi guys!

After literally WEEKS of searching ive found the monitor that i think is PERFECT for me and now its just a matter of finding it for a decent price!

My perfect monitor is the LG L246WP or its brother the L245WP both of the monitors are exactly the same...but for some reason there are two numbers for them *shrugs*

Ive been having a look around and the cheapest i can find it for using my meager searching skills is around £450+, now i dont mind paying a little more than usual for my lovely monitor...but 450 is just too out of my price range....i know its a long shot but if i can find it for around the £300-£350 mark then i would be much more content

My location is near Glasgow in Scotland...if that helps at all

Thanks alot for anyone who can help me, i really appreciate it!



]SCAN have the L245WP on "Today Only" (but... not today only because they have it on there almost every day) for:

£417.13 + Free Shipping.
The regular price on there is £423.

I don't really think you have any chance getting it for the £300-350 mark unless you go for refurbished, even cheapo 24" with TN panels go for £300-350 usually.

It is a great monitor well worth the money though, I've got 2xL245WP and the Dell 2407WFP and the LG's are quite a bit better in my opinion.

Original Poster

I think it was a bit of a long shot asking for that price but...you never know! What you have linked to IS the cheapest i have seen it for! Ive got a little money coming my way in a few days so....if its still as cheap then ill give it a go! Thanks so much for your help!

and yeah its taken me a while to find that this monitor is the one for me! Really ive been looking one for great viewing angles as some on the TN panels ive had, even if you tilt your head slightly the colors and contrasts change which REALLY irked me :P Hopefully this monitor will have none of that

Thanks again!!


EDIT: Ive taken a look at thier site but i dont see the free shipping...is that a special deal? or do you need a voucher code or what? Its still cheap regardless....but still would rather not pay the extra tenner if i can avoid it :P
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