Help finding this beaker please

    I am having problems getting my Daughter to switch from a bottle to a beaker. I have tried various ones and she's just not interested.
    I remember with my eldest, having a beaker with a white spout. Almost cone shaped. Very flexible and soft. I cant remember what it was called or where I got it from. Has been 19 years!
    Any ideas?


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    Thanx for that. Tried most of those and all she does is bite the spout. If it helps any more I do remember the spout being white and about the same height as a bottle teat if not a bit taller. The spout was very bendable. I don't think it was fixed to the beaker.

    how old is she ??

    do you want a beaker with a hard spout ?? not gonna bite them off if they're part of the lid

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    She is 13 months. Have tried a beaker with a hard spout. She just bites them. Tried them with a softer spout and she bites them too. It's not biting to pull them off. She just doesn't do the sucking action with them like she does with a bottle. Hence I thought if I could find the one my son had it may make it easier. Have been trying on and off for a few months. Have also tried trainer cups but she ends up wearing the drink.

    Simple thing as you know shes teething a soft spout wont solve anything as she will still bite it as im sure she does to bottles as well. Limit the options and dont keep going back and forth from bottle to beaker and she wont have a choice but to transition.... a bit harsh perhaps but you are prop confusing her by switching and she knows if she kicks up a fuss she will get the bottle back.
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    Skip the beaker, Go straight to a cup.

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    She doesn't bite the bottles nor kick up a fuss. I just have the feeling she does know she has to suck it like a bottle to get the drink out. She clamps her teeth around the spout but not in the same way as she does her teething toys. She will then tip the beaker upside down bites the bottom then throws it on the floor:not in a temper I might add; I think cause she doesn't know what to do with it. I have persisted with the beaker. But after a couple of hours she has to have a drink. Am I supposed to let her go longer without a drink? This is why I thought of the beaker that my son had. It resembles a bottle teat. Make it easier to learn to suck that spout before going on to a normal beaker or cup.

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    Tried a cup she just wears the juice rather than drink it.


    Tried a cup she just wears the juice rather than drink it.

    I agree with a beaker, as its a drinking aid due to her age. I never shoved a dummy in my daughters mouth, don't believe in them.

    We are animals and with all respect so is your daughter. Just persist with it when shes thirsty she will drink.


    But after a couple of hours she has to have a drink. Am I supposed to … But after a couple of hours she has to have a drink. Am I supposed to let her go longer without a drink?

    Tricky indeed due to the hot weather you can't leave it for long for a kid to not drink how old is LO ? (as Jonny states they will drink when thirsty)

    You could always try increasing the size of the beaker hole ok it will spill etc (but not as much as a cup would) this may give her the idea on how to use it and then later introduce the non spill variants? The throwing the bottle is a little bit of fraustration as you are aware of so this might resolve it.

    but then above is a fathers point of view X)

    Wife suggestions below:

    item number: 320698093601 or equivalents as this has ended
    200616208961…156 (never used site)

    She also suggests looking the bay for soft spouts for bottles to get used to the design (which i think is where we originally got ours for our son) also suggested looking at Mam bottles as we had a number of those too.…ase

    Hope any of this helps

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    I give up. Went into Morrisons looking for a beaker. Happened to notice some for 50p. Picked it up and I thought to myself she'll never drink from this. No handles hard spought. Next think I know she snatched it from my hand and started to suck on it like she was drinking from it. Unbebievable. After spending £4 - £5 on some a 50p one done the trick. Thanx for your help. And thanx to Morrisons.

    Persistance i guess kids change daily lol

    try a straw

    when we went to cyprus my daughter was 8months old while we was out she ran out of juice so we bought some baby juice while we was out and over there it came with a carton and straw so we tried her with it and she was able to use one
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