Help - Finding this food................

    my sister reminded me today of something we used to eat when we was little and no I really want it but can't remember what it is - been on supermarket website and typed in all things I can remember but no luck

    It was like an Angel delight / Custard thing - we are sure it tasted of banana - but it was hot / warm and it had a crunch topping - mabe like a toffee crunch topping

    does anyone know what it was called ?


    sounds like banoffe crumble, , i used to get them too, custard stuff then a cripy bits sachet to add on top
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    Was it like custardish, they used to make blamonge custard cake with a crunchy topping at school

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    yes it was like a custard and then crunchy/crumble bits - trying to find the exact name of it - so I can look in the supermarkets



    Sounds like that stuff we had at school *bork* blamange we called it.

    the birds hot crunch puddings would have been my guess?


    the birds hot crunch puddings would have been my guess?

    Actually I remember that, and it sounds more like what the op wa after
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