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Found 19th Aug 2010
Hi, I know it is late, but I was hoping someone on here would be able to help me find some whiteboard paint or something to allow me to make a wooden surface use-able with dry-wipe pens. I am training to be a teacher and had the idea to convert table-tennis bats to blackboard one side and whiteboard the other. I have found blackboard paint, but I can not remember where I saw the other! I have found suppliers in the USA, and one very expensive one in the UK, but I am looking to save money as dry-wipe boards are around £8 each for A4 size and I need 30+ :s
Many thanks for any help anyone can offer.


"dry-wipe boards are around £8 each for A4 size"

Are you sure? School suppliers will offer these much cheaper and a lot of schools have these already. I'd check with the school you are practising in before you make more work for yourself.

Just found these... DRY WIPE BOARD + PEN
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I know someone has said this already, but surely the school will pay? I'm a teacher and would certainly expect my school to pay for any school supplies.

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Thank you for all the comments and advice. Schools do allow budgets for classroom equipment, but I am currently doing the PGCE. I would like a set of my own so that for planned lessons I am not reliant on what a class does or does not have. I would like a dry-wipe or blackboard option, or I was also thinking of having a green and red side so I can get quick class response in a yes/no, agree/disagree situation. I also want a set so that for coming interviews, I can bring all my own resources. Thank you for pointing out the sites. A lot of the ones on ebay are cardboard backed and don't last and also wouldn't apply for the idea I would like to try.
In a lot of classes I have observed, the mini whiteboards are not used as effectively as I feel they could be. The children often saw them as just another version of their books. I am trying to play with ideas to both make my life easier from a teaching perspective through getting more than one use out of something as simple as this item. In turn, if I can make it more fun to use and in a sense more interactive, then my hope is that this will further aid learning and provide extra tools for expression and communication, with a differentiation element as well
Thank you Greg, I have actually been in contact with the lady who started that idea and she is sending me a couple of free samples and some paint to try

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I clicked the like button for everyone, as I appreciate you taking the time to make contact
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