Help for Dad, Mother just passed away...........

    My mother passed away on last Thursday morning, would like as much advice as possible on what help can be got for my father.
    He's reasonably comfortably off finianically, but would like to help him receive any other benefits etc.
    (Already know about the single occupancy on council tax) was wondering about gas, water & electric bills etc

    Any advice, however little would be appreciated


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    also pop along with your dad to local citizens advice they are very helpful

    how old is your dad? if hes old enough for this im unsure what age range they help thou x
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    i'm sorry for your loss.

    Assuming its his own house, the water board if not on a meter will do a reduction for single person occupancy. as long as he doesnt "use" alot i.e dishwasher, hose etc. but you should know how to answer these

    As far as I know no one gets help with gas and electric - but maybe wrong. I know there is a cold weather payment due soon

    Take advice given by ILP and I hope your coping - will be very very hard for you all just now

    You can get a 2k one off bereavement payment from the state if you qualify...…703
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    No idea, but good luck etc, and don't forget about yourself.

    My sincere sympathy to you all. Caring for each other will help you all to get through this very difficult time.

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    ilovepink pop along with your dad to … pop along with your dad to local citizens advice they are very helpfulhow old is your dad? if hes old enough for this im unsure what age range they help thou x

    Hi, Sorry hes 68.


    Hi, Sorry hes 68.

    defo in contact with age concern they will help you out with any questions you have

    good luck its a minefield and my condolences xxxx

    Sorry for your loss.

    Try and keep him busy only advice I can think of that is logical.

    Good luck with everything and very sorry to hear of your loss xx


    sorry for your loss, its not easy but the pain does get less as time goes on.

    for gas and electric, Staywarm might be worth looking at…rm/

    However it isn't cheaper for everyone, but it does give peace of mind that if its a bad winter he knows in advance exactly what the bills will be, so won't be scared to turn the heating on.
    I would do some research though first. A starting point is below…ing

    Also changing to a water meter is likely to save money


    No advice with financials but just wanted to give my condolences.

    So sorry for your loss.Deepest sympathies.Take care.x

    im so sorry for the loss of ur mum

    sorry for your loss, dont forget to look after yourself too. some good advice by ILP

    Sorry for your loss, I know it must be a difficult time for you all.
    If you call job centre plus (not sure if its called that anymore??? ) Explain the situation, they will send an advisor out to see you Dad and go through what he is entitled to. They will do all of the paperwork and sort it all out for you.

    Hope this helps

    So sorry to hear this sad news.How old is Dad?

    Sorry 2 hear this hun,thoughts are with u,I lost my Dad in july so i know exactly what ur going thru,just keep strong as a family and don't be afraid to cry xx

    so sorry to hear xxx

    Really sorry to hear of your loss, all the best to you and your farther .

    So sorry to hear about your mum.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. xx
    Re water rates, if he hasnt got a meter, he can register as a sole occupier, but he has to live in the house on his own.

    I am so sorry for your loss, You have my deepest sympathy.
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