Help for mobiles.co.uk cashback deal

Found 4th Jun 2009

I got a phone on a 18 month deal from mobiles.co.uk.
The mobiles.co.uk receipt is dated 30th 12 2008
the O2 (phone provider) order details form is dated 31st 12 08.
The first O2 bill is dated 4 01 2009.

The cashback info says to send the 6th month bill in to claim the casback.
"For the avoidance of doubt the month 6 bill will be the bill dated in the month that is six months after your connection date."

Does anybody have advice as to which month they would consider the 6th month bill?
Facts would be good, not conjecture please.


the 6th month bill will be the 6th bill received...on the bill itself at the top right hand corner where it says invoice number it should say what bill it is...
hope this helped...

Original Poster

There is a "Bill Number" that increments every month and the 6th will be dated 4 June 08. So I guess that will be it.

It should be due any day now.

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