Help for printing posters?

    Hi all, does anyone have any knowledge here on posters?

    I need to get hold of an A3 printer, but it wont be laser.

    Does anyone know of a dirt cheap A3 printer and also what paper coud I use for printing posters? I dont want to use photo paper due to the cost and unprofessional look for posters, is there a special thin photo paper that can be used for posters?



    I would approach a local printer. You will find for a one off they are quite reasonable on price. :thumbsup:

    If you get an Epson R1800 you should be able to get rolls of poster paper that feed into it. Remember to use pigment ink to stop it fading.

    If your only going to be doing a few it will be cheaper to go to a printer

    TRy your local school.

    All schools have printers / copiers that can do at least A3 and would be happy for a bit of business.

    depending on quantity and quality.
    1. if quality is not crucial for professional design, print one nice poster and colour copy (if less than 100pcs). this works for most 'lost dog'; type of posters.
    2. decent quality and less than 30, go for laser colour printing at school or company.
    3. if quantity is at least 100, make a high res pdf and send to a local printer for digital print (quality better than colour copier). decent professional quality.
    4. if quantity is more than 1000 and quality has to be design professional standards, send it off to litho printing.

    dont forget with most home printers, there is always the problem of margin borders.
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