Help . . . Forgotten aol password and not recognising me as account holder

Found 28th Nov 2011

Wonder if you can help. My email account was sending put loads of nonsense emails so to try and stop it I changed my password but can't remember what to, nighmare as email account for nearly everything. Contacted aol after trying to reset online and they don't recognise me as account holder so won't discuss, understandably.

I have had account for years and really don't want to lose the info in it but have obviously put something incorrect at account holder bit , not intentionally....

They won't ask me any other verification question so can't sort out, wondered if anyone had any ideas??

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do you remember your screen name, try using that...???
How do I reset my AOL Password?
If you've forgotten the password to any of your AOL Screen Names, you can choose a new password yourself, without needing to contact AOL Customer Services.

Simply try signing on to the AOL Screen Name in question, as normal. If you get the password wrong twice, you will be given the option to reset the password, provided you can verify your identity by confirming certain details about your AOL account (for example, the name of the account holder).

Note: This feature only works when connecting to AOL via modem or broadband (not TCP/IP) and is not available when signing on as a Guest.

If you encounter problems resetting your password, sign on to any of your other AOL Screen Names and go to AOL Keyword: Live Help. If you have no other Screen Names, phone AOL Member Services on 0870 320 2020 for further support.

this is copied from aol website

I honestly don't know what's happened, am pretty sure am entering the new password but its not recognising. . .
don't know if this helps but on hotmail if you forget password you have the option to reset on your trusted pc, not sure if aol has the same option?
there are softwares which recover passwords from your internet browser .
try them
most of the password are stored in the web browser history .
try webbrowser passview
Phone Aol?
its 2011 and people still use AOL? oO

The mind boggles!

Phone Aol?

Already have, they won't help due to not being able to verify account . . .
Will try that, thanks
Tried all suggestions. . . But no joy
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