Help formating and getting pictures off compact flash card...

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Found 30th Oct 2010
I have recently brought a new compact flash card for my dslr, I went out and took some photos on them and just tried to upload them to my pc.

It did not automatically detect there was anything on the card. So I went and found the drive on my computer and tried opening from there. It came up with "disc needs formating", I then tried this but itsaid it would erase all the images on the disc.

Please help I do not want to lose my pictures!!!


What memory card is it you bought and where from? What make and model is the camera? Can you play back the images on the camera itself?


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HI John

Sony Alpha 200
Transend 16gb 133x compact flash brought on amazon
I can see the images on my camera

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Have you tried plugging the camera into the PC


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Not as hilarious as you losing all your pics X)Most people use a card … Not as hilarious as you losing all your pics X)Most people use a card reader

Your a lovely person...



It was maybe unclear what you had tried from your post.

So what exactly have you tried ? . The camera have any special drivers for a 16gb compact flash in the same manner as an shdc maybe where an updated card reader/driver is required for above 2 gig when SDHC is used due to any special filesystem the camera may employ on CF card. You tried connecting via another usb port not one on a hub or in a printer and use a direct one from the back of motherboard

If it is in a card reader try seating card in again
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Hi dontasciime

Im not very clever when it comes to all this tech...

I have connected the cable to my camera and connected it to the USB. I do not have a card reader, but will this work if I get one?

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Card reader is easier in my opinion...…tml

Try doing what they suggest eg get another CF card take some test photos then format with camera and then run some software on pc to see if you can recover the test photos if so you can repeat the process with the card where the file allocation table is screwed

Try this approach after you have tried a card reader or another usb port or reseating cf card in camera etc
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Thank you....

I will try the card reader.
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