Help - Formatting MS Duo Pro

    Having a bit of a nightmare formatting a MSDP that ive just got from 7DayShop. Its the Sandisk Ultra II high speed. In the PSP it formats fine to 8GB with no probs but as soon as i plug the PSP into my PC windows wants to format the card but only allows the option of 4GB (3.67GB).

    So now im stuck coz i cant transfer any mp4s to the PSP going through windows. Is there any other way of doing this ?

    Any help appreciated !


    What about connecting it to the PC via a USB card reader?
    Sounds like a dud to me.

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    The only card reader i have for MSDP is inbuilt into my printer on my network pc. Doing it this way the pc sees the card but then says unable to format it :-(

    PS.. it seems like a legit card. All the packaging is as should be, also it looks genuine with holo sticker on etc.
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    I don't mean that it isn't genuine, I use 7dayshop all the time, it sounds like it's busted/not working as it should.

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    Strange it works 100% fine in the PSP itself.

    Just spoke to Sandisk who confirmed faulty card - damn damn damn !!
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    You're not the only one:…tml
    There must be a solution to the formatting issue.

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    Thing is MB Sandisk asked me to use a proggy called HP Format to test the card in windows... same error using that, although it did actually format the card unlike windows but only to 3.51GB.
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