Help Framing A Football Shirt

    Anyone got any suggestions for this? Was thinking goto local DIY shop and buy any old picture with a decent frame, then pinning it to it, would need a plaque or something though too i think...

    Any tips?


    what team is it and is it signed

    its a little more complicated then that. if it is valuable you may want to invest in some acid free board and some UV resistant glass.

    Also folding can be tricky to get it looking nice. ive head alot of places cut the sleeves.

    There are specialist shops that will do it for you.


    There are specialist shops that will do it for you.

    Unfortunately for (normally) over 100 quid!

    I got my hubby a signed shirt for his birthday & was quoted £80-100 to frame it!!!! i just wrapped it up & gave it to him, then suggested he should get it framed lol!!!

    ask a few local shops i got one framed a while back and it was £30 from a small local shop and they did a brilliant job
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