HELP Freezer door has been left open!!

Found 28th Sep 2008
Sob Sob as titles says i came home last night to find my freezer door ajar and half bottom half of freezer food has defrosted! top is ok solid frozen but bottom half chilled half defrosted.

Now to save some of the food i have put some in fridge as for sausages- about 40- not cheap sausages either i have kept chiled. Am i right in thinking i cant refreeze any food even chips n veg so i have chucked them, but i can cook the sausages and make a sausage casserolle and freeze it??? they should be ok to eat instead of chucking them! I only got my shopping delivered friday
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you can re - freeze almost anything but do not re - freeze any meat as this will make you ill
Just be careful - BIL has just had 10 days of severe food poisoning after this happened to him

He thought some salmon was ok to eat ,as it was still frozen but turned out to be very dodgy

If in doubt about anything just chuck it

Can you claim on household insurance?
i would chuck the chips as you can`t refreeze them, cook the veg and eat but don`t refreeze it. if you cook the sausages in a casserolle you should be fine to refreeze it.
you shouldnt refreeze meat after defrosting.
Awwwwww you poor soul, btw there's so many lou's and variations of those names on here my heads spinning.
take a photo of it all ...... will remind u if u come to claim on insurance

any meats.....cook and they can be refrozen

make soup with the veg...........and freeze it

i probably would mess around with shellfish, i would probably throw

i feel for you................ the last time i did that was a nightmare. good luck x
Voted cold from me ;-)

you shouldnt refreeze meat after defrosting.

course u can, if u cook it first ;-)
Sounds like a plan for a family barbie if you ask me, hotdogs and chips. Don't get better.

Make the most of a bad situation.
BBQ is a very good idea.
Wot Yellow sticker said...

also if you still have some veg left chuck it in a marked bag seal it and use it as an ice pack for bumps and bangs. re freeze it as much as you like just don't eat it!!!!

was gonna suggest ratatui (sp) with the veg but soups probably a better option.

Yer sausages will be fine to re freeze after cooking.

What eles defrosted and we'll all see if we can come up with some recipies :lol:
I'll have 2 sausage butties if it will help ya, with tom sauce :-D
Thanks for replies.

My kids just had chicken aeroplanes that i put in fridge last night- i had two packets so they had a big plate full and and a serving of tomatoe sauce- they were in heaven lol

Any recipes for sausage casserole. also making toad in hole. and any other recipes for sausages that i can cook and freeze lol
sausage suprise, fry/grill some sausages, put them in a caserole dish, cover with baked beans or chopped toatoes, then cover that with a layer of mash. my mum always used to make that, it's yummy, as the sausages go all soft when it's cooked in the oven. we tend to just brown the sausages, and then they just fall apart in your mouth
sounds yum kiitten13 will try with cheesy mash
Poor you have a cookathon on your hands !!!

Any meat that has thawed is ok to re-freeze as long as you cook it first, I wouldn't do anything with fish or the like, afraid all you can do is chuck them. Not worth the risk. Veg soup is favourite with the vegetables.

Guess you will be stuck in the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon now !!
Have you checked your household insurance?

Mine covers me for freezer contents up to £500 with no excess.
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