Help... Freezer Problems..

    I have a Beko TZDA 523 freezer.. And have started to notice that some things in it are not frozen .. Like ice cream ,lollies and some left over pasta sauce.. What could be the reason for this .. Ive turned the dial to the coldest setting and it doesnt seem to have made a difference.. Also noticed a few months back the the stuff in the bottom drawer wasnt completely frozen but thought this was ok .. as it was only garlic bread and veg.. its only 15 months old..
    Should I call an egineer to check it?
    Thanks in advance for any advice..


    Is it auto defrosting?

    if not it probably needs defrosting.


    send it back as faulty if you still have receipt etc, looks like its naff


    spend a bit more and get something that isnt throw away after 2-3 years is my advice

    sounds like it needs gassing which idamned expensive

    Original Poster

    No its not auto defrosting.. I defrosted it a little while ago.. Could i have damaged it when i did?
    I cant send it back its out of warranty ..
    Spend how much more it cost over £200 ...
    Regassing after 15 months?


    best advice i can give is don't buy beco throw it out and get something better

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    It was just a shattered switch so when i was turning the temperature control knob it wasnt doing anything
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