Found 7th May 2009
i have a pc which is playing up one minute it will boot up to the desktop only the next it wont boot at all does anybody know how to fix this please

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Might help to have more info:

What version of Windows



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hammer lol i'm nearly there as for the windows version it's xp



hammer lol i'm nearly there as for the windows version it's xp

honestly we need as much info as you can give... there could be a million and one reasons why it is acting like this.

how old is it?
what are the specs?
any weird noises?
did you install anything recently?

ect ect ect

if its XP (may apply to vista)
go to

choose SYSTEM on the lefthand side
Double Click the most recent ERROR (with red cross sign) from the list
post here the ERROR details

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cant actually get past the desktop and now just powers up then black screen nforce4 a754 is the motherboard running on xp .

Obviously some crucial start up files have became corrupt...

Can you try a System restore once you get a good boot up ?


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on the board or on the harddrive would the files be missing not sure if i can get up to the desktop now as last time it took a couple of days and then would load to desk top

oh ok sorry
any message on the screen or just resetting itself?

anything like for example

cant load windows the file xxxx.zzz is missing etc

re-install windows (download a copy off the piratebay or someat and just use the original coa thats on the side of your pc so its legal..)
if that doesn't work tell us..


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nope nothing comes on screen its just black but after a few days it will boot up to the desktop but cant use anything not sure if it has anything to do with photo shop or adobe as these were my last installs ok will try the reinstall thing now

you gotthat then... if the program is too heavy for your machine

if you have the full version XP installation CD/DVD you dont need a clean install...
you can do a repair install
boot from CD when the wellcome stup page comes out choose repair install (dont choose R - recovery conslole option on the screen)

Try rebooting and @ the boot screen hit F8 you should have some options!

Select: Last Known Good Configuration

If that doesn't work you should be able to Boot up in Safe Mode and get to the desktop!

Sound to me like the hard drive might be on the way out. I had the same scenario once, no error no clues just painfully slow boot times and it turned out to be the hard drive. Replaced that and all was well, but lost some data. :x
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