Help from gamers needed

Im off to buy a new game today, COD5 World at War or Left 4 Dead.

Im a massive zombie fan and just as big a fan of the COD series but i just dont know which to choose. HELP ME !!!


COD5 World at War, no contest.

well COD you get zombies in as well.

They're both awesome but Left 4 Dead is alot better with friends!

hmmmmm cod 5 would be my choice, cod 4 but better so everyone says.. plus left 4 dead will get cheaper before cod 5 does..

COD5 for sure.
Left4Dead gets boaring after 5mins.

Killed 1 zombie, killed them all imo

cod5 gets my vote

Original Poster

i was leaning towards COD before posting, but i saw the trailer for L4D last night and it threw me. COD it is then... thanks guys:thumbsup:

on PC I'd say Left4Dead, but without the extra content then CoD might be a better choice on the 360.
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