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    Morning Everyone

    I seem to be developing a complusive addiction to online gambling. e.g. Roulette & Slot machines.

    I've tried deleted my account but cannot stop myself recreating another, and I do not seem to be able to stop.

    If anyone has any advise that could help it would be much appreciated. I do not want this to continue, I just have the "One day i'll win big" thoughts which I know are not true but cannot help myself!


    When i got addicted to a website... went on it while i should have been revising... a few things i've done is...

    Get my boyfriend to change my password...
    Block the websites address from my pc
    find a different website to go on... (like this one, or facebook... how about forums?)

    Hope this helps! Good luck xx

    Help ]here

    My friend is trying to quit while he's ahead, one thing he's done is to download a program which blocks all of the online casino, if yu get a friend to create a password which you wont but they will remember then you should be sorted.

    and you might get some inspiration and help through this site:

    Please don't pay for any online help.

    This problem is set to become massive in the next few years IMO. ?

    Original Poster

    Many Thanks all all suggestions will be considered!

    Definately agree with the big problem in the next few years. I enjoy visiting the Casino also but I cannot see a problem with that probably 6-8 times a year - just wish I could limit myself online.

    ask them for anip ban

    get someone else to password ban all gambling websites with a parental ban but make sure they wont tell u the password (try your parents ;-) there the best for not giving you what you want!)


    Good luck, I sympathise with you totally.

    My gran is a closet gambler, she won't admit it but she has cheques going worldwide.

    I think the only thing I can do to stop her, is tying her hands behind her back.

    So stressful but I love her to bits.

    Aww... please take on board all the suggestions offered here and from what I understand recognising you have a problem is the first major step - so well done and I as I'm sure everyone here does too wish you well and keep logging on here instead!

    i was the same with slot machines when i was 13, still remember the gut wrenching feeling of chasing your loses. the only way is to stop and never go back, no such thing as one go, just stop dead and never go back.
    do something else to distact you, join a group/start a blog/get a girl.
    face the fact that u wont get rich gambling online and move on.

    Buy yourself a fruit machine and play it until you are sick of it.

    Original Poster


    Buy yourself a fruit machine and play it until you are sick of it.

    Already considered this lol.

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated I will definately sort myself out. Fortunately I hope I've caught it early enough.

    I feel that gut wrenching feeling as mentioned about chasing losses. Its always well with another £10 I might win my money back!!... and another and another.

    I may just remove myself from the internet. Slot machines in the pub I play probably twice a month anyway and only with £5 so thats not a major issue. Its just the nightly logging on to lose another £xxx.....

    Girlfriend is currently unaware of the issue and hoping to nip it in the bud before I have to face the embarrasment of that!


    good luck in sorting it :thumbsup:

    I think though that just banning isp from a home computer will make you want to go out and use another pc somewhere else?Gambling is like any other addiction ie smoking, drugs etc they all come down to needing professional help, unless you think your strong enough to give it up yourself.But i do take my hat of to you and respect you for WANTING to stop, because i don,t think people with addictions want help unless they are ready themselves to give it up.All addictions have an underlying issue that need to be sorted by somebody who is trained in that paticular field.I would go to your GP and tell him/her what you have wrote here and they will be able to point you in the right direction possibly counselling.And i know it is a drastic action but put the pc away or let someone else keep it for you to stop any temptation you might have,get rid of the problem thats causing the problem.But don,t give up the biggest part is done now addmitting you have a problem is half way to winning the battle.
    Wish you all the luck and best wishes for the future
    If at first you don,t succeed try and try again xxxx
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