help gaming pc for 13 year old

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Found 23rd Nov 2016
ok so hes asked for a gaming pc for Christmas which is unfortunately something i have no clue about.

ive got a quote for £450 from someone local to build one but ive no idea what i need or if i can trust that they'll put in what i pay for.

so what are the must haves for a gaming pc mainly to play steam at the minute and id loke him to be able to do school work on it too.


What games does he actually want to play?

Did you get a list of specs for your quote?

Steam is a third party program that installs itself along with games rather than a game itself.

£450 tends to be very poor value for money unless it's second hand stuff, £550-650 is generally a better bet.

Will need a list of the specs for your quote to see if it's capable of decent gaming or not.

For a gaming system, the overwhelming most important part is the graphics card, nothing will affect what it can run more than that. It's better to have a very weak CPU and a good graphics card than the other way around.

For £450 I'd personally hope for the graphics card to be an NVidia 1050ti which is the best compromise on price and performance at that price range. An AMD 460 is a cheaper option but is notably less powerful, it should still play all modern games at 30fps on decent settings though. If in doubt google the graphics card's name + benchmark to see how it performs. Look for a game he'd want to play and see what the framerate is (30fps is the generally the minimum to play comfortably).

CPU, may be an Intel celeron or an AMD. If you can get an i3 or i5 that's good for the money but as I said, GPU is what the focus should be on.

HDD, 1tb is probably the size you should expect, 500gb will fill up a bit too fast with modern game sizes.

RAM, 8gb is what you want here. Lower amounts may impact genral usability (both gaming and school stuff) , larger amounts will produce no noticable benefit for a system at this pricerange.

may be worth asking around locally to see if any of your friends knows how to or knows somebody who builds PC's.

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Xigamatek Mach case
450w 80+ energy efficient power supply from EVGA
8gb RAM
Asus motherboard
2x 120mm fans to keep it cool
DVD drive
1TB harddrive
AMD quadodcore 3.70ghz processor
nvidia gtx 1050 graphics card
windows 10

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the specs of the computer i was quoted for to be honest id be happy to pay up to 650 but would rather have the lower quote and work up.

I'd ask for a intel processor - any skylake i3/i5 will be far better than any amd cpu atm.
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