Help..... Getting a house tomorrowe i'm going to rent out...... need insurance

    Morning all /
    My house completes tomorrow and i'm going to be renting it out, can anyone offer any advice on who to insure with?
    Have asked before and was told some don't insure if i accept people on benefits (as it goes not currently sure what financial situation the people are in).
    I don't need contents insurance as i surpose that is down to them.

    Also we will be working on the house before i rent it out possibly for a month , was wondering would this effect the home insurance.

    Any help appreciated, haven't done this for a long time.....

    Any more info appreciated too on renting.....

    Know about the Gas and Electrical safety checks....



    Original Poster

    meaning the house will be empty for a while..

    Also looks like i need business insurance rather than standard home insurance...

    When I rented out my house I used Payment Shield but have a look onthe comparison sites as some do Landlords insurance too!!! Hope it helps

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    having a look now
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