Help getting a smart tv online with wireless

    Hello all ive just gotten hold of a tv i saw listen on here…916
    When i try and connect it wirelessly to the network nothing happens. I checked the instructions and it says i need a wireless dongle?? Could someone please recommend me one as ive no idea what to look for! Thanks in advance.


    you sure ther I no built in dongle in tv.if not then you need to buy it its like usb stik which gose on your tvs usb port.

    advert states

    comes with integrated WiFi

    so assume you don't need a dongle - is there a network (rj45) connection on the back to try cable connection?

    Some on the orig thread have stated they received theirs - maybe replying to their comment and asking them?

    In the set up, if you can see a wireless network to connect to then you don't need a dongle... just select that network, enter the password and connect. If you don't see any networks listed then you will need a dongle.

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    Yeah i see the network i select it add the password and nothing happens?

    If you can see the network SSID of the router then the Tv has WIFI built in... so maybe double check that you are seeing the correct network and inputting the correct password. If you still have problems, and you're absoloutely sure you're putting the correct password in.. then maybe change the password on the router to something simpler just for a bit, and try again.

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    Ive tryed all that m8, The tv actually had a message on screen saying "wireless dongle not found" when i turned it on this morning.

    No idea then, sorry

    Mine was connected since I bought my lg tv last years then since yesterday I can't connect I choosen my ssid put in my wireless key again and it doing nothing...i don't know what to do to get it to connect back up

    Could always use a powerline if you have rj45 connector in the tv

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    You have the exact same issue as me traceyj83 except mine has never connected once. I thniking of returning it as wired is not an option.

    How far is the tv from the router? Do you get a signal strength before selecting it on your tv?

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    Yes its 5 bars and its about 7 feet away from it in the other room. Its not the wireless at fault here as i have other stuff connected no probs.

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    Ok so i just took the tv in the same room as the router and wired it in and connected. Then i unplugged the wire and tryed the wireless and it connected! Its back in the room i need it in now and the wireless is working!

    Result. oO

    I have a Samsung smart tv that does wireless but I have to have a "dongle" (jeeze I hate that word), I bought one in argos for £35 but they had them for twenty, I just bought the Samsung to match my tv.
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