Help getting my mum a simple TV box to record her shows please?

Hi there, my mum is looking for a TV box that she can record basic terrestrial TV soaps etc.. Or even watch them on catch up. What would be the cheapest and easiest way for her to do this? Can anyone recommend a nice and easy to use recorder please?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Humax basic model 1800t is £139.99 from several shops. Highly recommend Humax.

Get a youview box off ebay, Less than £50, The BT Humax ones are the best, The Hauwei is ok but a little laggy.

You get all freeview and freeview HD channels, Pause, record, rewind plus your regular catch up apps.

They're not wireless though so would require an ethernet cable or could use powerline adapters to use the catchup apps.

I also recommend youview. I moved a very technophobic elderly relative to one from a vhs recorder and they've picked it up and use it fine. They can't use a mobile phone (other than calls) and don't use a pc or anything like that but youview has worked perfectly.

The BT boxes run quite a bit better but interface is the same on all of them and ebay is flooded with talk talk boxes from people who got them free with packages (get the 372 model though as the 360/370 models are really slow/unusable). Better yet the bt/humax dt-2100 is great. I got one for £40 with 6 months warranty from cash converters.

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freeview+ from about £40 on ebay, or a now tv box to catchup on the 4 main players
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