Help getting PAC Code from Orange

    Hi, tried twice now to get my PAC code from orange and after getting through to foreign call centres twice and being on the phone for over half an hour both times, I was cut off.

    DOes anyone have an email address to contact as the orange website is terrible!

    An help repped and much appreciated!


    speak to Ofcom, they have to provide it legally

    I suggest you ask the same question on ]http//fo…net

    Orange reps regularly post on there, so should be able to help you out.


    speak to Ofcom, they have to provide it legally

    Exactly that.

    Try one more time, go through to rententions which should be in UK and ask for your PAC tell them directly this is the last time you will be asking before speaking to OFCOM

    I dialled 0800 3762285 through a landline and got my pac code. They also put me throught to retentions dept too

    Orange Number Porting : 0797 3100150 or 0800 3762285

    Ive been with orange for years and have only ever spoken to English or Scotish people. Use the 150 method from youre handset!

    Emailing is a complete waste of time, the email team get 1000's a day and are always al least 2 weeks behind (due the the management not giving them enough staff)...

    As above, 150 and the option for 'thinking of leaving Orange' you should get a UK call centre then.
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