HELP!!! Gift ideas for my 5 year old daughter's christmas present

Found 6th Oct 2013
I am really struggling with what to buy my 5 yr old daughter as her main christmas present. She already has DS, LeapPad2 etc. Not sure if theres any new things coming out before xmas this year. Any help welcome...
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It's not much of a main present but have you seen the interactive dog called Lucy? My daughter has been asking for this and I think its quite popular and got good reviews, I've bought one and it looks great. Kids are hard to buy for these days, well my daughter is as she's not into anything as such unlike my son who's Star Wars mad and superhero mad so he's been very easy to buy for.
My girls are 5 and 6 and have a Samsung galaxy tab, they love it, obvs don't put the Internet on for them , jus the games...especially good for helping with reading and numbers/letters etc.
how about sylvanian families ,lego friends, art and craft sets. like you said they got computers i dont think you can beat imaginary play with physical toys.
Teksta puppy in pink. They also make it in blue

Furby Boom

Doc mcstuffins time for your check up doll


Check price as probably cheaper elsewhere.
Barbie mariposa princess doll play set (excludes doll)


Barbie mariposa doll etc


I used to have the same problem (actually still do even though they're all adults lol) I would give them a different coloured pen each and the Argos catalogue, and tell them to mark out 5 things they really want Santa to bring, so he could see which one he could make in time for Christmas
Playmobil. Best present my little one has ever had - when his friends come round they will all play for hours with them - boys and girls alike.

My friends daughters love there's too - there's lots of options whether your daughter likes animals / doctors and nurses / schools / fairies / secret agents.
You can gift her a barbie doll as girls love to play with the barbie doll:)
I can't stop buying things for my 5 year old daughter for christmas oO

I've got a load of Sylvanian bits that i have bought throughout a year when Amazon have had it at less than 50%, Furby boom , a new scooter as she has outgrown her mini micro one , Lelli Kellys , barbie beach house.
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