Help: Girlfriend wants an Iphone.

    I have about £400 to play with, she wants a white one.

    It has to be a 3Gs and white, black will do if needs be.

    Any one know where to get them from?




    the tooth fairy?

    at least she's not asking for a baby

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    the tooth fairy?

    Does he swap teeth for Iphones now? hmmmm

    They are £440 on the apple website, any cheaper? cheapskate in the house

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    at least she's not asking for a baby

    That would cost me a lot more than £400!!

    She is doing her masters at Uni, no babies for a few years.

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    the porter;7038111

    brand new nope :thumbsup:

    So he swaps teeth for used Iphones then?


    go on fleabay and look for buy it now,brand new ones then narrow your search down to location, then go and collect one locally, ibought a black 16gb 3g s for £390 still sealed, if you have to collect make sure you go to someones house and don't meet them on a car park, also try and take all their details and ask for a reciept or proof of purchase, or ask them to write you a reciept with their details and the phone details, this is what i done, and everything went okay:thumbsup:

    Not worth the risk really, especially at this time of year

    I thought iPhones only work to their full potential with a proper iphone contract?

    Would it not be better to get a contract phone for free or 90 quid if you want the 3gs version?

    the porter;7039545

    no they work fine with anything only visual voicemail is affected

    Thanks for the info, I did wonder :-) If its only visual voicemail I cant see what the fuss is

    Once again thanks

    One tip, dont be sucked into the cheap ones on fleabay and cumtree. Mate bought a brand new black 3GS for £275, worked perfectly, looked pristine and everything.. However he is unable to make calls form it, so we figured its blocked. Lots of sellers do insurance scams so be wary!
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