Help got an interview today Grrrrrrrr

    Hi all Hope you can help me. I have an intervirew today the first interview i have had in over 9 years. Very very nervous.
    It is for a community care worker with young people 8 - 18 in local government care.
    It says on the email i am expected to do a 30 minute case study then a formal interview afterwards.
    Any help re - good questions to ask or even what they are likely to ask me would be very much appreciated.


    Not sure what questions they'll ask but try and stay positive and never knock yourself. Good luck x

    With the case study I expect they will be testing your skills and decision making, and I imagine they will want you to be able to justify why you would chose to act in a certain way in certain circumstances (sorry not well written).
    They will probably ask you about your experience in this field, if you have any.I don't know if you've done this type of work before. Either way, I imagine they might want to know things like:
    what makes a good community care worker- what sort of skills do you need?
    What are your strengths and how do these make you the best candidate for a job?
    What do you know about confidentiality?
    How would you deal with the sometimes emotionally difficult nature of the job?
    Have you worked with young people before?
    What is the appeal of this job to you?
    What can you bring to the job?
    What is your ideal job and where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?

    These are just vague could ask them how many children they have in care, is there any in-service training. Hmmm, can't think of any others right now.

    Good luck! I've got an interview in a few hours too so fingers crossed for us both!

    possibly may ask 'what would you do?' questions, i.e, if youths were displaying threatening/drunken behaviour? If they disclose to you, like they want to self harm, commit suicide, have sex or someone is abusing them or just to talk about their feelings. Also think about what would you do in a situ if a young person had feelings for you? Possible, but not 100 per cent sure. But worth thinking about, Good luck!

    Working with this age range I would expect
    Knowledge of current Child Protection legislation
    Awareness of Cultural issues for children in different types of families
    ethnic background / Racial / Religious / same sex partnerships etc
    Awareness and ability to work with other agencies to deliver a service to these clients
    Education service, Police, Health
    Ability to communicate with client group in an age and gender appropriate way.
    This exact job title is new to me, so much would depend on the Job Spec as to how much knowledge you would be required to have.
    Depends on what that have told you already. Read through and look for questions that show you have studied the documents explaining your role.
    Good Luck

    Best of Luck to everyone having an interview.... Only ever had one interview.. and that was for Mcdonalds and still working their now whilst at college

    good luck with the interview had tonnes of interviews and they don't seem to get any easier

    just be confident, concise, cleary spoken all the the usual and do your homework on the job you are being interviewed for, also ask questions about the job and company afterwards shows you have a keen interest in the post:thumbsup:

    Also look up duty of care
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