help! Had Digital SLR stolen from checked in luggage at Luton Airport with EASYJET

Hey guys, I know what everyones thinking.... why did i put a 500 pound camera in my checked in luggage. The answer was that I was rushing so much that i forgot to take it out.

Was reading a blog on the internet and it happens quite a lot! The baggage handlers must not get paid that well for them to lurke through luggage for items.

Anyway, I got to Edinburgh, got to the hotel, opened my bag and it was gone!

Anyone had this before? Share experience? Advice? Tips?

I have written an email to them...


Are you covered on your travel insurance for this ?

Did you not lock the case? If you didnt any insurance may not be valid.

Waste no time in reporting it to the police. Also inform the airline and your insurance co. as soon as possible (I hope you are covered).
Sorry you learnt it the hard way. It is wise to carry it with you, but remember - you are the victim of a crime - don't beat yourself up too much.


Are you covered on your travel insurance for this ?

If you are flying within the UK you wont have travel insurance, surely?

The JFK;3146703

If you are flying within the UK you wont have travel insurance, surely?

you my then be covered under home insurance


Sorry to hear of your loss.

My sister returned from Lanzarote on Friday morning to find that everyone on board had had their luggage sent to Stanstead on another plane. When she finally got the cases back all the cigarettes she'd bought in Lanzarote (coz they were cheaper than Duty Free) had been stolen from three different cases. 800 cigs in total.

It had to be either the staff at Stanstead, the courier company or the staff at Cardiff airport. However, she can't prove that they were ever in there so just not worth claiming. There's some bad eggs about sadly! :x

It will probably be included in your travel insurance if you have an annual policy.

Original Poster

guys, thanks all for your help, i'll take a look at my world wide insurance i took out late last year....

will keep you posted!

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I doubt you have any recourse here, but good luck trying.
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