Help! has anyone written a 'Undergraduate Dissertation'?

    Im doing mine now, can somone have a look and see if the structure looks ok.

    I only have the 'plan', Ill PM it to anyone that can have a look at it, its only a few lines. I dont want everyone to see it posted on the actual boards.

    I just want a simple 'good', 'ok' or 'bad', and if there is anything that needs to be changes.:oops:


    You don't say what subject, that might attract specific help.

    Original Poster

    OK, postmodernism and film.

    Really its just a few lines, i just want to know if the structure is good for an undergraduate academic level. Or would it just be waffleing (in the dissertation).

    Way out of my sphere. Happy to look at it. What is your deadline date

    Original Poster

    PM sent.

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