Help! Have any of you bought from top-gift-shop seller on ebay?

    I'm having a spot of bother with a seller on Ebay and noticed a few threads regarding this seller, my boyfriend ordered a brush-less motor for his RC car off the seller top-gist-shop based in China. He didn't receive the item in time so he emailed the seller, the seller replied stating he'll send another one, however, the ash cloud hit and all hell broke loose and we still haven't received the item, he paid for it in February! but Ebay nor Paypal wont open a claim because its passed the 45 day mark, any suggestions would be really helpful!! Thanks


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    Not threads on here by the way - threads i found via google!


    Not a lot you can do really as the seller used the old delay tactic, it's a lesson learnt never wait longer than 45 days.

    You can see if you cc will chargeback if you funded that way, not all will.

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    Thanks, suppose I better warn you all to stay away from this seller. He's done this to multiple people now.

    I Always Read Feedback And To Be Honnest He Is A No Go Area

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