Help, haven’t a clue what laptop to get

Found 5th Dec 2017
Hi, hopefully someone can advise me on which laptop is most suitable. I have no idea and all this ram, gb, ssd or hard drive. It’s all getting rather mind boggling. Basically my 10 yr old son has asked for a laptop for Christmas. He’ll use it for basic homework (so he says) I think mostly gaming and you tube though. I would prefer not to spend over £250 as he is only 10. Please could someone point me in the right direction
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For £250 he won’t game at all unless it’s games from 2009. It won’t match an Xbox or ps power and at 10 does he need a laptop. Get him a tablet or iPad with word. Just get him a Xbox it is mostly gaming. Would recommend hp x360 which can be found for around that!
Hi, he’s got a PS4. When I said games I meant like apps is that the same thing? Sorry I have no idea lol
There's a deal for the Jumper EZBook 3SE hot at the moment. It has nice specs for a budget laptop (it even has full HD which you'll never find at this price point).

It comes to £138.21. Well within your budget but it's a laptop for basic tasks.

If your son wants to play more than basic games then he needs at least an i3 processor but you pay more obviously.
I'm thinking for £250 you should get him a acer notebook around £150 (currys) for school work and YouTube,
amazon 10inch fire or a Samsung tabletfor £120 for gaming apps.
Thanks for all your help, just found this. Is it any good?
Firstly, he's ten, so in just 2 years time, he'll definitely want something very different and a lot more expensive. He'll become a different completely person at that point. At 10, you can more easily convince them to get something cheaper.

My advice is to buy him a cheap, 2nd hand tablet. There are lots of free games, work and educational software for android tablets or ipads. It's also fine for surfing, streaming vids (youtube), social networking, emailing and even typing up documents as you can buy cheap keyboards that link to tabs. He won't be too disappointed.

Save up the rest for when he'll want an expensive gaming pc. There's no point wasting money now on something that'll be discarded not long from now.
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