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I am stuck between getting HD-DVD or Bluray (ps3 or standalone) I have a 360 already, but whats the main differences,

Questions I need Answered

1 - Are either multiregion
2 - Disc Prices
3 - what do others recommend.


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Hd-dvds are all multi region... For bluray it is only some of the disks that are multiregion.

I have a ps3 but ive yet to se it for blurays yet so i cant answer the other questions

1 - There are no regions for HD DVD so you can buy them from wherever and they will work, I have the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive and primarily buy my HD DVDs from the US. However if it's a combo disc with standard DVD on one side this will be region locked.

Some blu-ray films are region free, some aren't - have a look here for a list of region free titles:


2 - Much the same, HD DVDs are slightly more expensive if they are a combo disc (containing both the standard DVD and HD DVD) such as 300 for example.

My simplest recommendation would be to have a look at the films or TV series you want to watch and see which format offers a better selection. No point buying one of the formats if it doesn't have the titles you want to watch.



uhh both?

Due to studio support being split which ever one you buy you will be missing out on some good films, I chose HD DVD to start as it was pretty cheap (I bought the xbox addon) Ill buy a ps3 in the summer and cant wait to enjoy what blu ray has to offer too

The fact is that neither format is going anywhere anytime soon

Have a look at this ]comparison between the two formats.

The best thing for you to do is go to that link and look at which movie companies are on each side, there's no point in getting one format and then finding out that most of your favourite films are exclusive to the other format. Warner Brothers currently distribute on both formats.

Sony Pictures
Columbia Pictures
TriStar Pictures
Buena Vista
Walt Disney Pictures
Fox Studios
20th Century Fox

NBC Universal
Universal Studios
Dreamworks SKG
Weinstein Co

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thanks, seems alot are on bluray so whats best player to get or just get a ps3

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would solve problem ]http//ww…1-1


would solve problem … would solve problem ] purple:thumbsup:


The Samsung Blu-Ray Seems a rip off to me when the HD DVD stand alone has more features and is two hundred plus pounds cheaper! If you want Blu-Ray get the PS3, at least that's likely to be compatible going forward unlike most Blu-Ray players.

Or if you have a high powered Pc that runs microsoft media centre you could always use this ]lg ggw-h20l with slysoft anyhd-dvd
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