Posted 28th Jun 2020
Can someone with some TV knowledge help a girl out ?
I ordered from Argos Hitachi 50HK25T74U Smart 4K LED HDR TV

Argos delivered Hitachi 50HK6100U Smart 4K LED Ultra HD TV
The TV had the code on the box for the TV that I originally ordered but this one is a different spec,can’t find it on google to see if it’s a better TV Argos don’t advertise the one they sent,nor did it say anywhere that an alternative would be sent!
After trying for 3 hours on a live chat they did a replacement and sent the same TV out again. I couldn’t refuse delivery because the driver saw we were in and scanned it as delivered so I had the rigmarole of going back through the live chat yet again. Argos are delivering another TV tomorrow morning hopefully the correct model!

What I need to know is a Smart 4K LED Ultra HDTV better than a Smart 4K LED HDR ?

Forgive my thickness,if it was kitchen appliances I’d be fine but TVs are not my specialty lol
P.S this TV is for football in a summerhouse 🙈
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