Help! Holiday advice please 2 adults 7 kids ran out of ideas!

    Hi all hoping for some help here! We are taking my husbands kids and mine away at the same time in August (of all months!) He is adamant that we must go abroad (!) we have somewhere to stay if we can make it to Spain however driving with that many kids is not an option (3 days ethere and back) ferries seems to cost a fortune although if anyone finds cheap ferries with a minibus that would be fab! eurotunnel is cheap to france and camping there for a few days may be an option however we would like to get them over to Spain as his kids have never been abroad at all and we have somewhere to stay free which is amazing. Flights are way too expensive, we still have to buy their passports first! Anyone know a cheap way of getting over there in August? Thanks so much!


    If you do go abroad your a better man than me...

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    yeah quite something these weeks each year ha ha...however the place we go in Spain is mainland and in the middle of nowhere with a tons of interesting stuff for kids to investigate (like hunting for sheep skulls at the base of a mountain etc etc!!) so if we can make it there we will actually get a teeny weeny bit of time to ourselves too......hmmm maybe!

    Iam going for a long 3 hour drive this year...thats 3 hours too far lol.
    not easy finding some where for 9 people...

    try seeing what the coach prices are,i did it years ago ,bit tiering but you see lots of views through france and spain,take your own food on coach as well.

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    yep same struggle every year to find somewhere which will take all 9 of us, last year there were 10 as a step child came too...mad days!

    thanks for the coach tip, checking it out!

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    oh coaches cost the same as the cheapest flights.....

    We took our 2 to Salou last July and the October before - plenty to do with portaventura theme park which is great for all ages. Woud recommend as it is not popular resort for young party goers and i found it very family orientated. If you want any further info please just ask!
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