HELP!! Holiday wanted for next week.. 1st Sept.. any ideas?


Me and my boyfriend have both booked a week off work next week, and we are in need of a holiday!

Somewhere near a beach is basically what we are after, preferably in a caravan, b&b being the bottom option.

Was going to book to go to Haven in Norfolk, read t&c's and because we are both 19 they wont accept us =( as you have to be over 21

obv, i realize why they do that but it doesnt help us!!

we are looking for about 4-5 nights, anywhere really - near a beach.
was looking norfolk/great yarmouth way..

its driving me mad now!

any help would be very much appreciated!!


How about hire a tent, hope the weather holds for you have fun :thumbsup:


Sould have booked a week later when the kids are back at school. would probably halve the costs.

check out the centreparcs website, they often make big reductions for last
minute breaks - probably a bit too family orientated for you though!

There's a Pontins deal on here somewhere... £10 for 4 nights.

Might not be The Hilton, but for a tenner you can't grumble. AND with a bit of luck you might get another wee break on what you save!

Original Poster

i cant do camping.. rely on straighteners too much lol

i really want to go sumwhere!

Original Poster

yea.. thats what i was thinking, not saying im nt 21

but, when you get the keys could the ask for id?

i mean, i dont look 21! only just about look 19 lol

i could ay my boyfriend is 21, but he is parking so cant come in..

or would they want to see him?


and another one travel zoo...…ls/ plenty of ideas now all you need to do is choose and have a nice hol

Have you looked on ebay for a quick break, its cheaper to book straight away, and if they live near you. you can have the tickets sooner : )

Hope this helps, your sister katie lol
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