Help - Hooking up Xbox 360 to a 1080P LCD monitor but only showing 480?

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Found 9th Nov 2009
Help - Ive hooked up Xbox 360 to a Hanns-g 1080p 28" HG281DPB LCD monitor via a HDMI cable but the 360 can only display 480 as all the other options are greyed out?

What the hell??? My PS3 works fine.....?

UPDATE * - Ok luckly I purchased a second identical monitor at the weekend - Ive plugged the xbox upto that and it displays at 1080p. I plugged my PS3 into the second monitor and it knocks the resolution down to 500 something? Huh? So i reconfigure the PS3 and it displays 1080p. SO I try a different HDMI lead and get the same results.

Right so I set the XBOX 306 to 1080p on my second monitor, unplug HDMI lead and plug into monitor one and its still shows 1080p but when I reset the xbox it reverts back to 408????!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. It makes me think the monitors are not communicating properly but I cant get my head around it.....

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