Help- Hotels in Bath

    Hey everyone, Im currently in Bath hospital visiting a close friend, but it looks like i might need to stay over night.

    Does anyone know any good cheap hotels in Bath? i dont know the place well personally.




    Theres lots of b&bs near the hospital. If you walk towards bath centre there is a pub/b&b jus down from the hospital for i think about £25 a nite. Otherwise the roads both ends of chelsea road (can exit via maternity wing princess anne and go thru car park turn left then right down a road there is loads of b&bs there, not sure on prices tho. Otherwise there is a backpacking place opposite police station or ymca in centre of bath (off milsom st) hope to help

    My friend went last week and stayed at the Uni, she said it was fantastic and recomended it to me for if I ever go.

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    Thanks Joaner i found a pub just down the road to stay at.

    Shelly thats actually a great idea, i remember my uni always used to rent out rooms and theres uni's all over the country.


    Glad u got sorted
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