HELP! How do I get rid of Virtumonde virus????

    As above, my laptop is running slooooow!

    Tried Nod32 and Ad-aware, neither work!



    try super antispyware

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    Thanks! Will try now!

    If you know the offending file and it's location and can boot in to safe mode, try this

    1) make a blank .txt file and then name it with the same name as the virus, to change extensions you may have to view folder options and untick hide know file extensions, leave this file on the desktop

    2) boot into safe mode, press F8 at os boot up

    3) once in safe mode copy the blank dummy virus file we made in step 1) into memory (copy and paste)

    4) find the virus file in explorer and navigate to it's folder

    5) paste over the virus file with the dummy file. Then make it read only by right clicking and choosing properties, tick the read only box.

    6) reboot into normal windows and run regedit and take out any registry entries with the virus file name in it.

    7) run your virus scanners, if they find any remenants of the virus they should be able to wipe it out now

    (if needed) reboot again and re-run virus scanners and check it's gone for good.…asp

    VirtuMonde.c Solution I found the solution by inserting a Windows XP CD … VirtuMonde.c Solution I found the solution by inserting a Windows XP CD into the drive and booting from it. I then chose the repair option which landed me at a command prompt. From here, I navigated to c:\windows\help\mui\accas.dll and renamed the file. Commands: c: cd\windows\help\mui ren accas.dll accas.old I then rebooted the computer and used Windows Defender to remove the remaining files infected by VirtuMondo which in the end was an easy solution, but nowhere to be found! I hope this works for you as well and if not, perhaps the process of finding a solution to VirtuMonde.c will help.

    try mcafee

    pack your computer and ebay it :w00t:

    malware bytes anti-malware

    super anti spyware

    Type 'trendmicro' into google

    Good online virus checker

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    Thanks guys, I think I've got rid of it! AVG!
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