HELP! how do i install swapmagic 3???

Found 11th Apr 2007
ive bought the swap magic 3 with the little tiny tools,
got tool a to fit, i think tool b is in ok( not to sure) and tool c i dont need ( i think)
when the lid is up i cant get the disc to spin like on the demo videos on google, this is when i am supposed to swap to the back up game??
any help/advice would be BRILLIANT right now before i throw it out the window!:w00t:
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Hmm, I used the slide tool rather than the lid option. Basically use the boot disc and eventually it'll get to a menu screen. Pull the drive door out with the tool and swap the disc and then click load...
Make sure that the one near the hinge is securely fitted as when you open the lid again it tends to come loose and therefore won't work. You're best leaving the lid open at all times.

P.S - You need all three tools else it won't work. One by the hinge to the disc lid, one to cover the sensor (bottom right) and one to stop the disc brake coming on.
That's ok, not a problem. Just use either a matchstick or a small bit of tissue/paper and push the disc brake back and put either in the hole and it will stop it from coming forward again. :thumbsup:
Sorry, i had to restart my PC to install updates.

Yes, that'll work fine if you use a matchstick or paper. (that's what i did as i lost my disc brake tool). Looking at the set you've got, it looks like you use either tool b or c to lock the sensor on your lid so you'll have one spare. Bit fiddly at first but once you've got it in then you're away. Remember though that Swap Magic can't play backup games generally that are bigger than 4.4gb due to the TOC size.
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